Geraldine Cox


Let The Sunshine In

Geraldine Cox is no stranger to a challenge. For twenty years she has been running Sunrise Children’s Villages in Cambodia. This inspirational Aussie is dedicated to the welfare, health and education of her Cambodian children. With more than 400 kids in her care you would think Geraldine might have enough on her plate, however she is determined to do even more for her community.

In May this year Geraldine will open a Community Learning Centre in Phnom Penh. It will contain six classrooms, a computer lab and a library. The wider community will be welcome to use the facility to improve their education free of charge. When this fierce red head gets an idea she doesn’t stop until it happens!

Kooks is a proud sponsor of Geraldine and her work in Cambodia. If you’d like to find out more and support the good work of Sunrise go to